Works in The Royal watercolour Society’s ‘Contemporary Watercolour’ Exhibition

As part of our collaborative process, both Debbie and I have experimented, explored and developed our existing practice as artists to create working methods to respond to the webcam and GPS footage. In tandem with the collaborative works which are built up using our alternating layers of hand and machine-made marks, we have simultaneously developed our individual artistic practice, also responding to the webcam and GPS data. We regularly submit our works, both collaborative and individual, to open submission exhibitions and I’m delighted to have these 2 paintings, both derived from sheep-cam footage, selected for the Royal Watercolour Society’s  ‘Contemporary Watercolour’ exhibition currently showing until 18th March at Bankside Gallery in London.

Sara Dudman Farmer-cam in Barn Feeding 03.10-04.56

‘Farmer-cam in Barn Feeding 03.10-04.56’

Sara Dudman Farmer-cam in Barn 05.38-06.12

‘Farmer-cam in Barn 05.38-06.12’

It’s really exciting to see that more traditional societies such as the RWS are taking an interest in our work and keen to embrace new ideas and approaches to using water-based media. These two works each combine gouache, gesso and Indian Ink, capturing, drawing out, defining, reinterpreting and expressing the movement of the sheep across the barn at feeding time.

The private view of the exhibition last week was great, with lots of exciting works by diverse and talented artists – here’s a few images:

DSC_1693 0011

Exhibiting and sharing the works, both individual and collaborative, is very important to us, so we’re delighted that these two works have been recognised and exhibited at Bankside.


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