Friends of SAW (Somerset Art Works) Lecture ‘Abstract Art Rules?’

We were pleased to be invited to the artist talk on abstract art by Andrew Davey, hosted by The Friends of SAW (Somerset Art Works)at Woodlands Castle, Taunton on Wednesday evening. We were very happy to be given space and opportunities to promote our Flock Together project.  We took along some framed collaborative monoprints, PV invites and posters for our forthcoming solo show at the A2 Gallery in Wells, as well as some postcards to give away to attendees.  We were delighted with the level of interest in our work and forthcoming exhibitions, the positive comments we received and the really interesting new contacts we made.  There was a good turnout for the event and Andrew’s talk was both informative and entertaining, presenting images of his own work and others, to give an insight into how abstraction informs his own practice.

01 image 02 image DSC_1722


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