Flock Together exhibition at A2 Gallery, Wells

We really enjoyed the pv for our Flock Together exhibition at A2 Gallery, Wells and we were very grateful to Alan, the gallery owner, for all his help and support.  It was fantastic to see all the work together in one place, enabling us to see how the individual pieces fit into the series and reflect on how the work is developing.

image 1image 3

image 7image 8

image 9Image 12

We would like to thank all the lovely people who came and for their positive comments on our work, along with their enthusiastic response to our process.

image 2image 4

We were especially delighted that the brilliant farmers we have been working with came along and we were able to show them what we have been doing with all the data we collect from them, the sheep and the dogs.

image 5image 6

We were also pleased to be able to have an area of the gallery where we could show some of our methods of working, including film footage gathered from the sheep-cam, photos from the farm, sara’s sketches and a large scale collaborative drawing.  We are also showing some of our monoprints, developed from our recent experiments with multi-layered printing.

image 14image 13

The show is on till 11th April 2015, if you fancy a visit (www.a2gallery.co.uk)


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