Drawn exhibition and artist residency at the RWA, Bristol

We are looking forward to starting our collaborative artist residency at the RWA in Bristol in April and May, during the Drawn exhibition (21st March – 7th June).

image 1

We are going to be working in the Drawing Lab on Wednesdays, sometimes running specific workshops for schools and families, but on other days just treating the gallery space as our studio, to discuss and produce our collaborative works.  The Drawing Lab is open to all visitors to the Drawn exhibition and so people can observe what we’re up to and join in if they feel like it!

We were lucky enough to be involved in a similar artist-residency opportunity during Drawn 2013 and it came at a very exciting time for us – right at the beginning of our collaboration – when we were starting to experiment with our working methods, attempting to successfully master our layering techniques.

drawn residency 2013

To do this openly in front of the general public, gallery volunteers and other artists made it feel truly immediate and democratic – definitely fitting the nature of ‘drawing’  as a process.  We loved the spontaneity of being in an environment where anyone could walk through the door and get involved, from young children to art students – all had questions and/or suggestions, keeping discussions lively and interesting – providing lots of inspiration during the very beginnings of our collaborative working practice.  Hopefully, this residency will have the same feeling, as we continue to develop this series of work and welcome input from others.  We will be encouraging visitors to work collaboratively on large-scale wall drawings using projection and to explore experimental drawing techniques using drawing-machines.  Details of times/dates are on the RWA website, along with information on all of the other fantastic artist workshops and residencies taking place during the exhibition at http://www.rwa.org.uk

We are also both very pleased to have work from our individual practices selected for this exciting open show

Retracing Your Steps - Bristol I08 Study for Cairn 2

and delighted to be spending several days in the galleries, where we can really explore all the works in detail – here are some images of the exhibition.

image 4image 7

image 9image 10

We love the diversity of the work from the sculptural beauty of the cogs and wheels of Jason Lane’s drawing machine, to the delicacy and texture of Jilly Morris’ ink and hand drilled holes and wax on paper.

image 11image 5

All of the drawings vary incredibly – from wonderfully expressive, gestural marks depicting seascapes, to meticulously cut lines into the surface of the paper.   We both have very different views of what are our favourite pieces of work and enjoy the discussions that ensue, as to what attracts us to them and why.  We love to hear other people’s views too, so we’ll be encouraging visitors to take inspiration from works in the show and incorporate their ideas into the collaborative work in the Drawing Lab.

image 6image 3

We’re also looking forward to spending time in the accompanying exhibition ‘Drawing On: The Ingram Collection of Modern British and Contemporary Art’, which has some fantastic work by many well-known artists – representing drawing in its widest sense.


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