2nd Residency day in the Drawing Lab at the RWA, Bristol

We had a good day in the Drawing Lab at the RWA, meeting gallery visitors and talking about our work – we really appreciate the interest there is in our collaboration and enjoy the discussions concerning drawing and its myriad of forms.

image 13

Being in the Drawing Lab together gives us a great opportunity to continue to work on some of our paintings in progress.  They are at various stages of development and all need review and evaluation, before the next layers are added.  It’s great to be able to spread them out on the floor and look at them together, encouraging open discussions of how they have progressed so far and what needs to be done next, in order to capture the essence of the relationship between the farmer, the sheep and the dogs.

image 14 - sheep and sheepdog gps tracks

We are also looking at what data to consider as the starting point for new work.  The latest GPS tracks from the sheep (in red) and the sheepdog (in blue) have provided a fantastic insight for us into the correlation between their movements and it’s going to be exciting to find ways of interlinking this with the webcam footage, in order to create an engaging series of paintings/drawings/installations.


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