Sara & Debbie Talk about their Experience of Applying for Arts Council Funding

It was fascinating to have the chance to gain an insight into how Sara and Debbie successfully applied for Arts Council funding, during their recent seminar for the Artist Professional Development Session at the RWA, ‘Applying for ACE ‘grants for the arts’ funds’.

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Experiments in printmaking with Double Elephant Print Workshop


We’ve had our first meeting with Simon Ripley and Lynn Bailey at Double Elephant Print Workshop in Exeter, who are helping us develop our limited edition prints for the exhibition at Thelma Hulbert Gallery in September.  It was fantastic to receive such enthusiastic and practical advice on how we can develop our multi-layered paintings into prints, that still manage to capture and retain their essence.  We’ve got lots of studio-based preparation to do now, before we return for our first sessions to experiment with screen printing, photo etching and intaglio printing processes – can’t wait!

“A Bit Like Marmite”

An Interview with Alan Stratford, A2 Gallery, Discussing the Flock Together Exhibition

work-videoAfter the success of the recent ‘Flock Together’ exhibition at the newly relocated A2 Gallery in Wells I spoke to owner, Alan Stratford about his take on the show. A painter & designer himself, he relocated from London to Somerset in 2002, opening the A2 Gallery in 2008, to showcase the talent of predominantly local artists. The new look A2 Gallery was reopened in 2013, still located on the High Street, yet now with an increased space and a large window front, doing justice to its many treasures. The gallery has seen an increase of visitors and a slight change of programme, with the introduction of their first open call exhibition, which invited artists to interpret ideas around rural Somerset. The collaborative piece, ‘Sheep cam in barn 00:23 – 01:31’ by Flock Together artists was selected for the ‘Real Somerset’ exhibition, going on to receive the first prize of £1000 and a solo exhibition at the gallery.

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Last day of residency at the RWA – Redland Green Workshop

What a wonderful last day in the gallery! A year 9 group from Redland Green School came in to visit the exhibitions and to take part in a workshop run by Debbie and Sara, who taught the class about drawing and collaboration. I was lucky enough to assist them and even had the chance to make my very own cotton-reel drawing machine and demonstrate how to use this to the class.

sara demonstrates
Sara Demonstrates

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Filming at the farm in the Blackdown Hills

The weather was perfect for our recent attempt at filming and gathering GPS data at the farm.  This was the first time we were simultaneously recording the rounding up of the sheep from the multiple points of view of the farmer, the sheepdog and the sheep.

image 1 - fly

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