Back in the studio

We’ve had some time back in the studio to start some new work, continue layering up others and evaluate a few pieces that are nearing completion.

01 deb in studio sara in studio

It is always an exciting time when we spread the paintings out on the floor and discuss what stage we think the work has got to and where it is going next.  Some pieces have only had a layer or two and so feel very fresh and open to a multitude of possibilities – others are more resolved and just need their final tweaks – the challenge is knowing when to stop, so that they retain their energy, but are multi-layered enough to give a sense of depth and movement.

flyer for exhibition sat and sun

We’re looking forward to showing some of these at our upcoming exhibition in the Nissen Hut at the farm, along with excerpts from the film footage we’ve gathered.

flyer for artist talk friday

We’ll also be giving an artists’ talk and leading a discussion, centring on collaboration, where we’d love to hear about other people’s experiences, as well as gain some feedback about our project.


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