Artist Talks – Soundbites

image 1
Artist Talk – Powerpoint Presentation

In case you have missed any of the artist talks that Debbie and Sara have presented over the course of their project so far, don’t fear! I have included all of the most interesting snippets below for you to have a listen to! These have been taken from a longer audio recording made at the Engine Room in Bridgwater, by Richard Tomlinson, for their artist talk to Somerset Film’s Creative Network, as part of the Ignite Somerset project.( This talk was also repeated in part, at the Nissen Hut on Cherry Hayes Farm, as part of the BHAAM ( supported event last week. I have also included a few images for you to look at while you listen, these relate to the content of each clip. Clip 1 – Initial ideas, collaborating, working on the farm

image 3
GPS handset (ready to be attached to the sheep)
image 4
Cumulative Drawing – Debbie has used the data collected from the gps handsets and layered up the drawing made by all of the routes different people have taken
image 6
Farmer Tony with the feed sack and sheep (Tony also has a GPS machine)
image 7
Sheep’s View – the sheep has a camera attached to her collar with which to film the rest of the flock

Clip 2 – Filming in a microlite

image 9
Sara heading up in the microlite
image 10
The view of the flock from above

Clip 3 – Individual process, working together

image 11
Sara working on the wall using a projected image
image 12
Debbie’s lego drawing machine, drawing on top of Sara’s layers of paint
image 13
A corner of Sara’s studio space

Clip 4 – Winning prizes, applying for funding, exhibition at A2 Gallery, Education

image 14
The new A2 Gallery
image 17
Work on display at the A2 Gallery, including supporting material such as the video
image 15
One of many audience enagagement activities – talk held at the RWA

Clip 5 – Process of drawing collaboratively, planning for printmaking

image 18
Part of the series of simple collaborative pieces, with a strict rule of four layers only
image 19
Debbie and Sara meeting with Simon and Lynn at Double Print Elephant Workshop
image 20
Experiments with Print

Clip 6 – Workshops, audience engagement, documenting and discussing the project online

image 22
Collaborative ‘tag team’ drawing
image 23
This blog:

Clip 7 – Upcoming exhibition, the blog

image 24
Exhibition Poster for show coming up at the Thelma Hulbert Gallery in September

You can find out more about this exhibition here:


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