Preparing for the show at Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Honiton

01 image

After being busy with printmaking and film editing, we returned to the studio to focus on finishing some of the works that were in progress and prepare for our show at Thelma Hulbert Gallery.

We’ve been talking with Niche, our framers in Bristol, about a different way of framing our work that allows us to show our paintings on paper without having to present them behind glass. This is something we’ve been interested in for a while, as there’s great appeal for the viewer to be able to get up close to the surface of the work and really engage with the mark-making. The choice of presentation of artwork raises lots of issues about how an audience perceives and interacts with it, so this is something we want to explore further.

02 image

Niche prepared some test pieces for us – they are heat-pressed onto board, which makes them perfectly smooth and the surface of the work is protected by sealing a layer of transparent film over the top. We are really excited with the results – the surface of the work retains its clarity and texture even under the protective film, so we decide that the three newest works will be framed this way for the show, as this will be a good opportunity to see how they compare alongside the other works and get some feedback from the gallery visitors.

03 image

We asked Niche to attach the board to the same frame profile that we’ve used for our other works, so that they are visually consistent. We are delighted with the results and an added bonus is that they are much lighter in weight than the glass-framed works and so it is easier to transport these larger pieces. This was of benefit on delivery day to the Thelma Hulbert Gallery, when Sara drove a packed van from her studio in Taunton and I had a car-full coming from my studio in Gloucestershire!

04 image

Everything is now at the gallery, in the hands of the curator, Angela and we can’t wait to see what the show looks like. This will be the largest gathering together of the works, some of which haven’t been seen before, shown alongside earlier pieces.

05 image

It will include limited edition prints

06 flock together video still

and the first showing of our film.

07 image

Upstairs at the gallery, there will be an area that includes items that explain our collaborative process, such as the cameras, gps handsets, harnesses, packaging tubes and art materials

08 image

– along with photos, notebooks and interpretation texts.

09 pv invite front

The show opens on Saturday 12th September with a PV between 3-5pm, where everyone is welcome – we are really pleased that Barbara, one of the lovely farmers that have greatly supported us in our project, will be bringing some sheep to be in residence, outside the front of the gallery, just for the afternoon! The show continues until Saturday 17th October and there are workshops, fun events and an artist talk planned, so go to the website for further details.

We really look forward to meeting everyone there!


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