we all love glow-in-the-dark tape!

06 three boxes moving

Having enjoyed a great couple of weeks leading our workshops at Thelma Hulbert Gallery and also getting out and about doing outreach, we’re back in the studio and getting down to some serious blogging again.

The image above was a slow exposure shot of some glow-in-the-dark sheep created by students from Somerset School visiting the gallery and working with us for the day.

01 projecting onto boxes (2)

We had lots of fun combining some of our mechanical and hand-made workshop activities, projecting sheep video straight onto the sides of the rucksack drawing boxes.

02 outlining sheep in glow tape

Then the best bit – ‘drawing’ the silhouettes of the sheep straight onto the sides of the boxes using glow-in-the-dark tape. From then on it’s simple – just wear the boxes,. turn out the lights and there you go – glowing flocks of moving sheep dancing in the dark while the rucksack boxes make the drawings from body movements – how much more fun can drawing and art-making be?

04 experimenting with movement 16 glow tape movement 05 experimenting with movement

And it wasn’t just boxes that got the glow-in-the-dark tape treatment! We also experimented with making moving drawings taped straight onto faces – look at the image below and pick out the face!

07 tape on face 08 tape on face movement

The Somerset School students also worked together with great creativity and intuition to make this wonderful characterful and expressive collaborative drawing too. This approach to collaborative working really fosters and encourages teamwork and negotiation.


And of course, once the rucksacks were taken off we revealed these beautiful drawings:

09 Ryan rucksack drawing 10 Travone rucksack drawing 11 Henrietta rucksack drawing 12 Matty rucksack drawing 17 Courtney rucksack drawing 18 Ricky rucksack drawing 19 rucksack drawing 20 Aaron rucksack drawing

It wasn’t just the students who participated – their teachers got really stuck in too. It never ceases to amaze us how differently the rucksack drawings turn out every time. Thanks for coming to see us Somerset School.


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