Flock Together on the road


Thanks to Thelma Hulbert Gallery for inviting Flock Together out onto the road to lead outreach workshops in youth centres and Millwater School in Devon – what a great time we have had. Over the past week or so we have met and enjoyed working with the leaders and participants at the SWITCH youth groups at Millwey and Clayton House Youth Centres.

01 younger

We started at Millwey with a couple of hours exploring collaborative approaches to drawing with Key Stage 2 age children – they became increasingly confident and really took ownership of the drawings and processes involved in creating them. Animal shaped pasta is a ‘must’ for drawing workshops.

02 03 05 06

Making drawings with tape was especially popular with many of the children!


One group of girls really tested the full potential of tape drawings – their energy and enthusiasm was infectious and led to this wonderful drawing.


We really explored the variety of ways in which you can collaborate to create drawings, even drawing right round each other!

10 09

And of course, we didn’t waste any opportunities to make rucksack drawings as we worked together on the other drawings too – look at this lot.

16 Araya-May 17 Lily 15 Millie 14 Kartel 13 Jade 12 Courtney 18 Toby 19 Courtney22 Millie 15 Millie

We can’t get enough of it really – this is truly addictive and every workshop seems to lead to new ideas and experimentation with possibilities – well done everyone.

After tea at Millwey, we met the older youth group members who also enjoyed exploring the boundaries of drawing, recording and experimenting with collaboration and new ideas. Here’s a few of their rucksack drawings on display alongside the younger childrens’ and their table-top cotton reel tank drawings.

2123 Younger and older combined20

The older youth group members also enjoyed working collaboratively to create shared drawings – really playing with the potential of the OHP projector and adding silhouette portraits to the group drawing.

01 Kieran and Brandan 02 kIERAN AND bRANDAN

Check out their rucksack drawings too – many of these were created and worn during the ‘boot camp’ section of the evening leading to quite vigorous drawings at times.

05 Corbin 06 Kieran 07 Jordan 12 Paige 08 Bailey09 Deirdre10 Kalim11 Shannon

We’ve been keen to continue to play, experiment and develop the workshops in response to and in partnership with ideas and interpretations from our participants. So, with this in mind and glow-in-the-dark tape in hand, we took the tape drawings a step further, with pairs taping glow-in-the-dark sheep to each others’ backs then turning off all the lights and watching the fun of the sheep – sometimes running the full length of the hall!

17 BRANDAN 18WP_20151013_19_53_19_ProWP_20151013_19_52_23_Pro

The interplay between this football supporter’s tee-shirt and the glowing sheep was an unexpected extra in the mix too! We think it worked brilliantly and will of course lead to the next ambitious idea – hmm – sheep and football, now how might that work?!

And while all this has been happening Courtney continued her painstaking glowing drawing – she’s quite a talent!

13 Courtney Glowin the dark

Then tonight we were off to the youth group at Clayton House for more fun with drawing. This time we opened up the collaborative OHP drawing to include relief printmaking too which combined really well with taped and marker pen drawings. And broken ankles are no barrier to joining in with making a drawing!

Clayton House 1Clayton House 4

We were delighted that so many of the group were willing to add marks, lines and ideas to the drawings tonight.

Clayton House 3Clayton House 9 Clayton House 8

Some great rucksack drawings came from tonight’s session too.

Clayton House 5 Clayton House 6

Clayton House 7

This member is a very keen drawer – she told us that her hands are covered with words and drawings every day. We enjoyed the interplay between her own hand drawings and the cotton reel tank table-tops drawing away beside her.

Clayton House 2

Tonight’s drawings felt really experimental and full of potential – we reluctantly stopped the workshop at the end of the session and hope the group take the opportunity to continue to develop and add to their drawings next time they meet.

Clayton House 11Clayton House 10

Thank you SWITCH for making us so welcome at your brilliant youth group meetings – we’ve really enjoyed meeting you all and working with you! Please share any more artworks with us too.


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