Lights, camera, action!

01 02 033 03

As our workshops have progressed we’ve developed our ideas using light….first it was glow-in-the-dark tape, now LED light pens. Students from King’s School 6th form explored the impact and use of ‘muscle memory’ to make these drawings.

04 05 06 07

Students worked together, each group spending about 10 minutes drawing directly onto wall-sized paper, working in response to one of the unedited webcam videos recorded by the farmer, with lots of sheep and activity involved. We then turned out the lights, each student had an LED light pen, and re-drew the shapes and patterns they’d just drawn from the video.

08 09 10 11

Do these drawings express and interpret the chaotic movements of the sheep as seen by the farmer? We think so!

12 13 14 15

As always with drawing, one of the fascinating aspects was seeing how differently each group interpreted and used gestures and marks – there’s real coherence in each group of photos with characteristic movements by each student.

16 17 18 19

The fluency and lack of inhibition when drawing in the dark with giant full-stretch movements is so exciting.

We’ve been playing with light to make videos too – have a look here to see a video we created with families at our Big Draw family drop-in workshop on Saturday. This was brilliant – each person took the role of either a sheep, sheep-dog or the farmer and play-acted their movements using the LED light pens. This required great negotiation and team-work and was also a fantastic tool for unlocking the potential of even the most reluctant drawers.


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