Big Draw event – family drop-in workshop at Thelma Hulbert Gallery

01 DSC_2308

On the last day of our exhibition at Thelma Hulbert Gallery, we were delighted to lead a family drop-in workshop as part of the Big Draw 2015.

02 DSC_2278

We set-up various drawing activities within the gallery for people to experiment with, including collaborative drawing using an OHP.

04 DSC_229905 IMG_9001

These large-scale, layered drawings changed dramatically throughout the day, as new families came and added their drawings, working from items they selected and positioned themselves.

07 IMG_8995 - teganne and Lycia06 DSC_2284

We also encouraged people to explore automatic drawing processes using cotton-reel tanks, Lego robots and pendulum and rucksack drawing-machines.

09 IMG_899108 IMG_8990

It was a good fun day, with lots of enthusiastic visitors, producing lively and exciting drawings as a result, such as these rucksack drawings by Teganne, Noah and Tessa.

010 IMG_8993 - teganne011 IMG_8998 - noah012 IMG_8999 - tessa

Huge thanks go to all the staff and volunteers at the gallery, for making this event so successful.


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