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Being involved in ‘Flock Together’ has been an exciting and inspirational experience for both of us and though this part of the project has come to an end, it continues to provide a rich vein of resources for us to explore, informing our on-going collaboration and complementing our individual practices.  We are delighted that some of the existing work from the project, along with new collaborative works, will be shown at a solo exhibition at Black Swan Arts, Frome in Feb/March 2016, entitled ‘Sara Dudman and Debbie Locke – Collaborative Works’.  We have also created a new website where images of our work, exhibition details and latest news are available, so please follow our progress here at http://www.dudmanandlocke.com



A few ‘thank yous’ and a quick look at what we’ve achieved

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So many people, so much art, so many workshops, so many talks……..thank you to everybody involved in the success of Flock Together in all its forms!

We have been delighted with the outcomes, interest, engagement, feedback and responses to our project throughout the year and would like to take this opportunity to share a summary, a few highlights and plans for the future with you here.

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