A few ‘thank yous’ and a quick look at what we’ve achieved

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So many people, so much art, so many workshops, so many talks……..thank you to everybody involved in the success of Flock Together in all its forms!

We have been delighted with the outcomes, interest, engagement, feedback and responses to our project throughout the year and would like to take this opportunity to share a summary, a few highlights and plans for the future with you here.

Flock Together by numbers:

We shared our project with 97 artists, we worked with 1387 participants in workshops and other activities and had a total audience of 37,602 visitors that viewed artworks from Flock Together in exhibitions in the South West and further afield.

Our online audience grew to an astounding 152,379 ‘likes’, ‘retweets’, ‘followers’ and other audience via our blog and social media networks.

Our massive thanks go to all our project partners and specifically to Tony and Barbara, our farmer friends with whom we collaborated.  They generously gave us their time and un-ending enthusiasm, allowing us a great insight into the life of working farms – in addition, they became increasingly involved in the whole project and our process of making artworks.


Our activities and undertakings throughout the project are well-documented in this blog, so please take a moment to browse through all the posts and see what we’ve been up to.

The project would not have been possible without the support of a significant number of partners, all of whom have provided excellent opportunities for development of the work and the reach and impact of the project and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them all. Our thanks go to:

Access Art

A2 Gallery

BHaam (Blackdown Hills artists and makers)

Double Elephant Print Workshop

Phil Dudman (framing and technician support)

Elmgrant Trust

NSEAD (National Society for Education In Art and Design)

Niche (framers)

Penny Sexton (curator)

Richard Povall (independent evaluator)

Royal West of England Academy of Art

Somerset Art Works and Beckie Upton (graduate artist)

Somerset Film at The Engine Room

Thelma Hulbert Gallery


Here’s a brief flavour of the response and opinions about Flock Together from some visitors and workshop participants at the Thelma Hulbert Gallery:


A few typical comments from the THG visitor book:

Excellent show

Such a wonderful theme to see this collection of work – it sings on the walls – just brilliant!

Very exciting! I have never seen collaborative work before. Great!

Inspiring, original and wonderful work. The energy is infectious!

Good at showing interaction between chance and feeling. Very good

The most exciting show I’ve seen for years! Thank you

An extremely thought provoking exhibition

Will come again!

More than excellent, push the boundaries, thank you

Gorgeous artwork – even without the explanation

Amazing sheep creations, so inspiring – new world thank you

A brilliant project of collaboration in a field and studio a reminder of how looking and seeing are so important

Extraordinarily ingenious

A fabulous interpretation of rural life. Surprising and wonderful to look at.


Workshop feedback from exhibition at Thelma Hulbert Gallery included:

The workshops were brilliant – being able to work with the artist is amazing for the children and the activities gave us the chance to consider totally new ways of creating art, which we will use as part of our Art Club project for the next term.

Experimental, hands on, inspiring students to think in different ways and challenging their ideas. Exciting collaborative workshops with unusual techniques and processes. Well delivered in language students could easily access.

So what’s next?

Having created a full interpretation and education pack to accompany our exhibition at Thelma Hulbert Gallery recently, we are currently working with 2 of our project partners, Access Art and NSEAD (National Society for Education in Art and Design), to maximise the reach of our educational resources and share the project as widely as possible.  We are currently in the process of working with both partners to adapt our interpretation and education resources to become freely accessible downloadable online resources.  These will be accompanied by a virtual exhibition of all the works created in the project.  We anticipate the resources and virtual exhibition going online in early 2016. We’ll let you know when this is complete.


We are also busy planning and making preparations for our next solo exhibition at Black Swan Arts in Frome, Somerset in early 2016, comprising a collection of our collaborative works from Flock Together, alongside new collaborative works which will be exhibited in public for the first time.




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